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Seasonal Detoxing


As we shift from a hot, humid, active summer into the cooling, slowing, energy of fall, I've heard many of my clients ask, "How can I reconnect?" This question has struck me on a much deeper level in this particular seasonal transition, because life has changed for all of us. There will be no reconnecting to a life that was, but instead connecting to the flow that nature has hurled into our path. I don't know about you, but detoxing and rooting sounds pretty enticing right about now. Being in touch with seasonal changes is one of the core concepts of Ayurveda, and detoxing with the turn of the season gives balance to our mind-body as nature's rhythms change around us. The idea of a seasonal detox is to steward wellness by evoking balancing energy and releasing excess from the season prior. I often encourage creating a ritual around the season change to offer yourself time for reflection and pause, and to set intentions for the coming cycle. This is also when I like to honor a systemic detox where I give my physical + energetic digestion a break.

Each seasonal cycle, I begin the week before the solstice or equiox with a nutritional detox to prepare for the change in natures offerings. I consider what I might be over indulging in (ice cream?!), entrapped in the joy of consuming, and make a commitment to omit those indulgences for the week. I honor that my seasonal spices and habits I have incorporated over the last 3 months are either running low, or have hit burn out by releasing them and letting my body and mind enjoy rest. My movements are gentler, my meditations longer, sleep becomes priority. I take the week to restore so I am ready to step into the full change of season.

Set aside time the weekend before this fall equinox to consider what detoxing you might want to approach for a week. Is it nutritional? Consider omitting sugars, dairy, and meat. Add a digital device detox, limiting the hours you are on your computer, phone or watching t.v. Rest from extreme exercise is also important at seasonal changes. Taking long walks and practicing gentle yoga are two of my favorite active rest activities. However you choose to approach your detox, is all about what feels good for you.

Need to be held accountable for the week? Detox with a friend to share the experience, then deepen the practice at a ritual to welcome the season change at week's end. I am beginning my fall transition teaching an Ayurveda Yoga class at James River Yoga (details here). This first class on September 12th is a detox yoga class, and the successive classes are focused on a set of poses in flow developed specifically for aligning with the Fall. On September 25th we'll return to the studio for a Sound Bath Ritual to welcome Autumn, reflect, and set intentions (tickets here).

I hope this read will influence you to consider a pause when the wheel of the year turns, and focus your intentions to flow with nature, reconnect, and reset each season.

Many blessings,



Meet Cameo

Holistic Body & Skin Therapist, Reiki-Master, Certified Ayurveda Teacher

I began my journey as a holistic health practitioner two decades ago, when I left an unfulfilling corporate job and followed my intuition towards what I can truthfully describe as "a calling." The path of a holistic practitioner has fostered a lifestyle that I have embodied and now share with my clients. The skill and knowledge I facilitate in my practice is an accumulation of both professional training and self learning, folding in contemporary methodologies and sacred healing to expand client offerings. My love of learning, natural healing, and self care therapies has guided my path as a Licensed Massage Therapist,

Licensed Esthetician, Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer., and most recently a Chopra Certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Teacher.


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