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The Quantum Physics of Distance Healing

I will admit that distance healing was difficult for me to grasp for many years. I was doubtful that any healing could occur unless it was hands on. I kept my practice to body work and similar therapies with office visits where I could physically monitor client results. Then, I was gifted the book Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra. In his book, Deepak explains miraculous healing through conscious awareness and mindfulness of our emotional and spiritual vibration. Known in the metaphysical community as your subtle energy body, these vibrations are the governing law of life throughout your body. Your subtle energy body is constantly sending and receiving waves of information to and from your body's subatomic cellular structure, otherwise known as your life force energy.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

At our core, we are creatures of light, co-creators of the universe, and dynamic life force energy. We are responsive to everything around us, internally and externally.

The law of attraction applies quantum physics by implying that the quantum shift of your responsive thoughts will shift your vibration to attract change and create your own unique expression of life-force. The simplest way to see this energy shift in action is a big deep breath and powerful exhale. Breathing increases life force energy, and releases (on a very physical level) stagnant energy that sets our subtle energy body a buzz with fresh movement. Harness that energy change with a positive affirmation, and feel the quantum shifting at play!

So, how does all of this apply to distance healing? Quantum physics relies on the science of subatomic vibration, or wave mechanics, also known as a wave equation that make up the electromagnetic spectrum. Guess what? Wave energy is all around us! Light waves, radio waves, sound waves, microwaves, x-rays, are all part of our electromagnetic spectrum that radiate out into our world. Distance healing starts with the subtle electromagnetic energy waves, vibrations, in the consciousness of the attuned healer. These waves can be magnified by deep meditation, crystal energy, sound energy, and intention setting. In the universal life field, we are all connected through energy, in the same field of energy no matter the distance. Separation then becomes an illusion. As a part of the whole divine being, distance healing then is an energetic linking technique utilizing the theory of quantum shifting.

Photo by Karina Vorozheeva on Unsplash

My first quantum shift happened after my Reiki Level One attunement, when my divine self forced out all that no longer served me and set me on a path as a healer. The journey into distance healing then arrived when I first "plugged in" to Reiki energy healing. It was in fact a literal plug in, like a radio tuning into a frequency that I had not known existed until I switched my dial. I had a well seasoned mentor who guided me through the techniques of energy healing and sending distance healing. The testimonials of change from recipients is what keeps me in my practice of energy healing, and also helps me to understand the collective universal MindBody energy, the life force energy field.

There is no limit to the powerful healing vibrations of our subtle energy bodies, internally and externally. I invite you to tune into your own unique life force during this time of global shakiness and instability. Raise your positive vibrations that we will make it to the other side of the pain, worry, and fear, perhaps even more consciously aware of our ability for Quantum Healing as a collective whole.

Cameo Hoyle, LMT & Reiki Master-Teacher


Need a little boost in raising your subtle energy body vibrations?

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